22 December 2018

House of Salt and Sorrows

A little over two years ago, I was headed out the door to go to work. It was early August. My wife was sitting on the couch cradling our newborn daughter and scribbling in a notebook.

She knew she was on to something. I had no idea.

I was merely happy that my wife and newborn daughter were doing relatively well after a long night. So… I went to work. Like I do.

A few months later, my wife told me she had been signed by a literary agent. I kept going to work. Like I do.

My wife called me at work a few months later and told me her literary agent had received an offer from a publisher. I suggested she accept the offer. She did.

Along the way, I was informed as to what was happening. Publishing (like life) is a bit of a roller coaster. As I was being informed along the way, I kept going to work. Like I do.

Last night, right before Christmas, a box arrived from the publisher. It contained the ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copies).

House of Salt and SorrowsHouse of Salt and Sorrows

House of Salt and Sorrows will be published by Delacorte Press (Penguin Random House) in August 2019.

It is a lead title. It is edited by Wendy Loggia. The author is represented by Sarah Landis at Sterling Lord.

The author is Erin A. Craig… my wife.

And I’m a very proud husband… who will keep going to work.


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