25 January 2019

Friday Night Review - 01.25.2019

Late January… need I say more?

Reading - Online

Once we can walk away from unsolvable situations that pretend to be problems, we can focus our energy on the real problems in front of us.
— Seth Godin, Problems and boundaries”

There’s a reason almost everyone reads Seth Godin. He is indeed a bright fellow. This particular post altered the way I think about problems.” My attention has too often been diverted by boundary issues, not actual problems. I’ve increased my focus on discerning between the two… and it has helped.

Don’t do anything great today. Do a bunch of small things. Do them well. Take pleasure from the process.
— Michael Wade, Don’t Do Anything Great Today”

I may lobby for the elimination of the word great” from the English language… for reasons other than Wade’s advice. That said… this is an interesting approach… full of common sense in a world in which common sense is lacking. I’ve been asked how I’ve won multiple sales awards throughout my career.

Consistently doing the small things with precision. And lo and behold, that approach works just about damn near everything.

Reading - In Print

Finished In the Shadow of Statues by Mitch Landrieu. I spent MLK Day reading this book. Landrieu’s mission to remove Confederate statues from New Orleans in the face of violent threats again confirms the darkness of which mankind is capable. It also demonstrates the courage of individuals who take a stand for what is morally correct. We faced a similar situation in Memphis with the same results. The statues came down.. . but there remains work to be done.

Finished Fantasyland: How American Went Haywire, A 500-Year History by Kurt Andersen. Review forthcoming.

Started A Pound of Paper: Confessions of a Book Addict by John Baxter. After the two books above, a turn to something a but lighter was needed. Fifty pages in and I’ve learned a lot about the eccentricities of book collectors… mostly that I am one… and I am in good company.

Your Week

Ah… the third full week of January… and almost to the end of the month. Winter has descended on Memphis… a time of overcast skies, temperatures bouncing around forty degrees at a time and… rain… with occasional freezing rain and sleet. I watch people moving in slow motion through their day. This is the very definition of a slog.

Resistance comes in many forms… sometimes in the guise of Mother Nature. I’m fighting it with everything I’ve got.

I hope you’re finding the courage and the will to do the same.


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