1 January 2019

2019 - Social Media Decisions

Let’s get the simplest one out of the way…

Facebook: Nope. Not posting there. I’ll keep an account only because I buy antique typewriters, card catalogs and other analog stuff on Marketplace. I’ll check it about once a week. Past that… nope.

As for the rest…

Instagram: Very limited use. And only to post links to this blog with a very minimalist image. Yes, I know Facebook owns Instagram… and I’ll evaluate Instagram usage throughout the year.

Twitter: I have two accounts. One is a pseudo-anonymous account I use to follow basketball. I’ll keep that but tweet to a minimum as I have been for a while. The other will be the syndication account for this blog. I’ll use a RSS feed via IFTTT to syndicate links to this blog. Still need to get this fine-tuned before permanently turning it on. And I honestly don’t know if it’s even worth the effort… so I’ll also evaluate that on an ongoing basis.

Goodreads: Likely closing the account. It’s honestly too much of a pain to maintain versus updating a Currently Reading page on Blot. Look, Markdown is just faster. And not everything needs to reside in a database. If someone is that interested in what I’m reading, then they can bookmark the aforementioned page.

I don’t consider micro.blog to be social media. I’ll feed to there and participate in helping build that platform and community in the small ways I can.

And I’ll spend time learning more about using Blot as a hub for everything. The more I learn about it, the more possibilities I discover.


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