29 December 2018

2019 - Goals

Health, professional, personal, spiritual… the four focus areas for 2019.


Because without proper management of my condition, I’m sort of screwed on both the micro and macro levels.


The primary indicator of average glucose levels. It’s difficult to explain exactly what it measures. There are plenty of HbA1C critics. I don’t listen to them. My endocrinologist says it is the lead measure… so we go with it.

Goal: 6.0 or lower, which is considered tight control for a Type II diabetic. 5.7 or lower is considered normal.


Considering the past almost two years of effort, this one should be easy to reach… which is… an evil unto itself. I can’t take this one for granted and lose focus.

Goal: 245 lbs. This would put me at a total weight loss of 100 lbs.

Other Measures

As long as my endocrinologist says it looks fine, I trust it. She monitors the trends and is meticulous.


Gotta make a living. Right?

Goal: A fifth consecutive year at President’s Club level. And while I don’t know what it will take to achieve that since the new fiscal year begins in April, I’m not worried. I control my efforts… and thus control my results.


A couple of months after taking up endurance cycling, I decided to start training for RAGBRAI 2019.

RAGBRAI: The (Des Moines) Register’s Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.

Last year’s route, excluding the Century Loop, was 428 miles with 12,576 feet of climb over a 7 day period. I’ll be riding with my father-in-law and a group of his friends. And yes… I am thoroughly doubting my sanity for this.

But at 48… I feel like I need to do this. I feel as if I have something left to prove. And no matter how hard I try to shake this idea… it enters my mind on an almost daily basis. This challenge haunts me… but in a good way.

Goal: Finish the entire ride in the saddle… every inch of it… no SAG except for gear transportation from city to city.


Not sure where this one is leading… but something is calling. Perhaps this has been stimulated by being a father in his late forties. I’m not sure. But I’m going to explore some things and see what happens… in the hopes it makes me a better father and a better husband.

Goal: Read and write daily. No hard metrics… just an intentional practice with no expectations other than a daily commitment.


For the better part of the last decade, I’ve lived in the mode of running to catch up and get ahead. Some of that was absolutely necessary. Right before my wife and I got married, I realized I needed to push myself hard in order to put in place the infrastructure for a child. This brought on a tremendous amount of change and effort. It was worth it.

Now… simplification and focus are needed… for both the short-term and the long-term. Four focus areas with the absolute minimum number of goals feels right. It feels to be Enough.

So I’ll roll with that and see what happens.


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